With the release of her latest album 4 only weeks away, Beyonce Knowles graces the covers of several magazines including Billboard and W. Her spread for Essence Magazine though is the most refreshing.

She writes her own cover story about “The Year That Changed [Her] Life” entitled “Eat, Play, Love.” It chronicles the time she took off to enjoy life’s simple pleasures like playing with her nephew and traveling with no agenda.

The accompanying photo shoot captures her Texas roots in a way we’ve never seen before.

Hanging out on the ranch and enjoying a home-cooked meal (complete with ice tea), Beyonce is a veritable Southern belle. She still manages to incorporate the latest fashions pairing a Michael Kors cut-out white swimsuit and an Emilio Pucci black tie-up caftan with chaps and vintage cowboy boots.

Seeing Beyonce in this environment is a welcome change. She seems fun and down-to-earth and still looks as beautiful as ever.

What do you think of Beyonce’s spread for Essence Magazine?

-Jessica C. Andrews



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  • beyonce rocks my socks off wow,she always has a new thing on the way not like other singers that bore us to death.

  • rkj

    The article didn’t really tell anything new about Beyonce. I was looking to see who the ghost writer was.
    The editorial was a cute play on Texas. However, I wish it had more of a theme that would have reflected her real roots. Beyonce wasn’t a ranch hand in her youth.

  • just saying

    So is Beyounce trying to look like Shakira or is Shakira trying to look like Beyounce. WOW. Just saying…….

    • isolde

      There have always been Beyonce and Shakira comparisons, just like there have always been Beyonce and Jenny Lo. comparisons.

      I like the editorial. It feels like a departure from what Essence usually does. I’m sure next month, the cover girl will be lazily shot in front of a plain background, as per usual.

  • Me

    Essence is wack for always using the SAME COVER GIRLS… has Black Hollywood consisted of the same daggone folks for the last 10 years? Sheesh give me a BREAK!!! && I’m so over white-washed Beyonce; not only that but she says the SAME boring ISH in EVERY DAGGONE INTERVIEW. She’s sooo boring if she’s not shaking her ass. #fact

  • C in Cleveland

    Beyonce is over-exposed in more ways than one. Because she has never taken a break from the media, it’s hard for me to get excited about yet another appearance. The photos are pretty. I’d like to see an updated look though.