Call her Beyoncé and the Machine.

With a little over a week before Beyoncé’s new album drops, the singer and her team are in full promo mode. As the singer gears up for the June 28th release of “4”, many have noted how much the build-up feels like it is leading something more than just an album.

In an upcoming piece for TIME magazine, Doglas Polk writes:

The arrival of Beyoncé’s new album, “4” (out June 28), is a highly anticipated event in the pop world. But in certain respects, it also feels like an IPO. Beyoncé is a human stock portfolio, her blue-chip music work balanced with film roles, endorsements and fashion and fragrance lines.

Bey says that over the past year, her fans anticipation kept her focused on making more music:

“I’m so excited about my new album, it’s called ‘4’ and it’s my fourth album. To be honest with you, my fans actually suggested the number four as the title. I saw for the past year that they kind of claimed it. They just said ‘were waiting for ‘4’, we’re waiting for ‘4’ and I said ‘Alright fans, I think you’re right.’ “

Still while the world worries about Beyoncé’s impending take over, the diva is more concerned with being a role model in the eyes of her fans. In a recent interview, Bey says that she does not take being in the public eye lightly, saying:

“Being a role model is something that I’ve always been. It’s not something I became, it’s something I was already because I had a younger sister and I believe that being a role model is something every woman is, even if you don’t realize it. There’s always someone watching you, someone that admires you and I believe we help each other so much and I don’t take being a role model lightly.”

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