Courageous and bold. Beautiful and spirited. In a world where long hair is coveted, it takes a fearless and sassy sister to shear her locks. While rocking a close crop is not a new trend, model Grace Jones pioneered the look, it has become increasingly more popular for young black women to forgo the salon in lieu of the barber’s chair.

Rocking a bald head screams confidence and self-acceptance. Deciding to break from the norm and traditions of what makes a black woman beautiful, there has been a line of beautiful black women who have dared to answer the call of the bald. India Aire sang “I am not my Hair” and whether its a style or a statement these five women clearly live by this mantra.

Chrisette Michele

Known for her ingenue looks, Chrisette shocked her fans when she debuted her new cropped do with the release of her latest album, Let Freedom Reign. With beautiful vocals and equally stunning features, Chrisette spiced up her cut her with colors from auburn to bright blonde.

Alek Wek

In an industry that is obsessed with flowing locks, Sudanese model Alek Wek has defied the status quo by not only being a dark-skinned model but by staying true to her signature bald look. Rising to the top of the fashion industry, Alek proves that being true to yourself is never out of style.

Thelma Golden

Art director and Chief curator at the Studio Museum of Harlem, Thelma Golden has rocked a short natural style for much of her career. In a professional setting, her low cut looks perfect with her polished, vibrant and creative style.

Erykah Badu

The quintessential rebel, Erykah has rocked every hairstyle from afro wig to locks. Never one to follow trends, Erykah cut her hair long before it was popular or acceptable. When she removed her signature turban revealing her shaved head, Erykah confirmed her status as one of a kind.

Sidra Smith

Twin sister to actress Tasha Smith, there is no mistaking Sidra. With her closely shaved bald head, she stands out from the crowd and is distinctively different from her famous sibling. A Film/TV producer in her own regard, Sidra is fearless in rocking her simplistic style.

Would you follow in these fearless footsteps and shave your head bald? Have you already taken the plunge and shaved your head?

-Fajr Muhammad

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