Bristol Palin is “Not Afraid” to tell the truth, or so the title of her memoir suggests. The 20-year-old mother is sharing her perspective on the trials and tribulations of being in the public eye, being a single mother, and what really went on behind the scenes of the McCain election campaign.

Although I have no interest in reading her story, an interesting tidbit jumped out at me when I came across some reviews. When discussing the circumstances of her pregnancy, Palin shirks responsibility for her actions, instead claiming she lost her virginity because she was drunk.

“I didn’t know that girl flavored wine coolers were just as likely to get you drunk as the hard stuff,” she writes.

Palin writes she and her ex Levi Johnston were on a camping trip when she got drunk and lost her virginity. Up until that point she claims she wanted to wait until she was married to have sex, however, once she and Johnston consummated their relationship, they continued having sex and she soon became pregnant.

Palin, who was an abstinence spokesperson at the time, attempts to absolve herself of any personal responsibility by claiming she didn’t really want to have sex and only did so because she was drunk. Furthermore, throughout the memoir she apparently continues to blame Johnston for the loss of her virginity and her subsequent pregnancy. She also refers to him as a “gnat” and has some harsh criticisms about his character, claiming he was extremely standoffish when he found out she was pregnant.

Reading about Palin’s memoir and seeing her and her family in the public eye makes me feel some type of way. I often wonder how the situation would be flipped if a 20-year-old Black woman had released a book claiming she got drunk, lost her virginity, and had an out of wedlock baby. I’d wager that the media wouldn’t be clamoring to cover her story with the same intensity it covers Palin’s. Moreover, I wonder if Bristol Palin were a young, Black woman would she be so welcomed and held up in Conservative circles as a model young lady. Again, I doubt it.

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