50 Cent isn’t the only rapper looking to beef up his literary chops.

Talib Kweli says that he has been taking time to work on a book of his own. The Brooklyn rapper says the yet-to-be-titled book will draw its inspiration from his journey so far and his philosophies and outlook on life.

In an interview with  AllHipHopNews, the MC said:

“I am still a relatively young person in the scheme of the world, so I don’t feel like I feel like I will stop learning by any strength of the imagination. I’ve learned some things that I can impart that can be worth some thing to some people.

There’s no word when the book will drop but Talib says he’s been working on it every chance he gets. Still, don’t expect to see the rapper’s memoir on shelves anytime soon. Talib is currently doing promotions for his new album, Prisoner of Conscious and is averaging around 200 shows a year. Though the venues are often low key, for Talib, being consistent is what pays the bills.

When asked if he saw a reunion with Mos Def to work on another Black Star project, Talib said he’d be down but is respecting Mos’ creative process.

“I think what it is with him is really trying to explore ownership and really trying to explore the best way for us to put out an album that is based on the creative love for the music, rather than based on the demand from the fans. As much as this is a business, music is not made because of supply and demand. Music is made from your heart, and we just got to do it because it’s right and not just because there is a demand for it. But I want to hear it too.”

We can definitely respect that- good music take its time.

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