If you are a black woman, at some point in your hair’s life you have been a slave to the hair salon. The every 2 week ritual, the all day appointments, the painful weaves and straightening, the gossip. Whatever hair style you wear, it seems regular visits to black hair salons are a necessary evil in our lives.

But what happens when your schedule and bank account are fed up with the the constant cycle and time commitment to looking good. About 2 years ago I was in this exact situation. I was a die-hard salon girl, press and curl every 2 weeks. After long the all day appointments and $50 hair do’s were too much sustain. I went cold turkey and stopped going to the salon all together.

Before you stop your weekly visits, here are a few ways to manage the love/hate relationship with your hair salon.

Go Natural.

Natural hair has an entire set of needs that often don’t require a hair salon, or not a traditional one at least. Many natural sisters learn how to manage their hair on their own with organic and more holistic care. Salons that cater to natural hair tend to be more relaxing and inviting. However, natural hair isn’t an escape from doing your hair, often times it takes more time and patience to care for your natural locks.

Become a DIYer.

When I stopped going to the salon, I was at a loss for how I would do my hair. Thank goodness for for Black Hair Media and their hair care forum. I religiously stalked the forums on hair tips, advice on going natural and installing my own weave. There is a wealth of information and for those brave ladies, you can be a pro at doing your own hair.

Find a more Holistic Salon.

Sometimes its them, not you. All salons are not created equal and if your salon is causing a hair-raising situation then you should take your tresses elsewhere. Your girlfriend with the great hair probably goes to a great salon. Seek out advice from other stylist and even look online for reviews. Black Salon Finder is a great resource to find a local shop.

What is your relationship like with your salon? Hair-raising or Holistic?

-Fajr Muhammad



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