Laz Alonso has made a great name for himself in Hollywood and with each year, his star gets even brighter. This year, he starred in Jumping the Broom and hit show Breakout Kings, as well as in upcoming film Straw Dogs. One of his most famous roles is one in which only his voice is heard, as Tsu’tey in Avatar.

To completely ignore Laz’s good looks, killer physique and impeccable fashion sense is nearly impossible. He attends an array of events from his own red carpet movie premieres to A-list parties. At the Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution Screenings Party in Los Angeles, he went for sleek and refined in a grey suit, a rosary necklace and dark sunglasses. A classic look for him that he can never go wrong in.

Laz also likes to dress down: usually in graphic t-shirts, edgy jackets and combat boots. He wore just that ensemble when he attended the reveal of the What Is Sexy? List celebrated by Victoria’s Secret Bombshells, also in Los Angeles. A laidback outfit that is on point in terms of fashion and shows that men can be effortlessly stylish, never having to try too hard or follow trends that don’t suit their personality or body type. Laz is a great example of someone who always looks polished and though red carpet premieres call for more refined attire, his casual looks are just as great. Suits are a requirement in a modern man’s wardrobe, but his off-duty ensembles are what really catapult him up the fashion ranks and show both his style and personality.

Do you like Laz dressed up or dressed down? Do you prefer to see him in casual looks where his personality shines through or in expertly-tailored suits that are red carpet ready?

-Faith Cummings

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