Father’s Day is this Sunday and I’m not sure why, but buying for fathers and grandfathers is always so difficult. Men generally claim to be less picky when it comes to gifts, but they in fact have such a limited selection of things that they love, other than a home-cooked meal or tickets to a sports game. Practicality and functionality for men is key because the things they often desire are ones that are extremely hands-on. Here are five gifts that the special men in your life will love.

1. Classic sunglasses: Father’s Day is at the cusp of summer, so buy your father some super cool Ray-Ban Wrap Aviator Sunglasses that will never go out of style. ($130)

2. A navigation system so he will never have to admit that he is lost: Men get lost, but they never like to admit it. Hopefully that will be a more rare occurrence once they have the Garmin nüvi 1350T Portable GPS Navigator in their possession. ($160)

3. A special twist on his favorite beverage: I have never met a man who didn’t enjoy a nice cold beer. Beer on the Wall’s Gourmet Grub Beer Bucket puts a special twist on the drink with gourmet foods and snacks to go along with it. ($84.95)

4. Not only your mother will love a day at the spa: Your dad deserves to get pampered too so book him a blissage™ 49 massage at Bliss Spa and tell him to thank you later. ($115)

5. Luggage to make packing easier: Men have even more trouble packing than we do so gift him Calvin Klein’s roomy Bromley 29″ Multi Directional Wheeled Upright Suitcase and he can throw it in the bag, literally. ($300)

What will you be buying your father for Father’s Day?

-Faith Cummings

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