Yesterday marked the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death (it will not soon feel normal saying that, btw). Across the world, fans remembered the legend’s life and music, some hosting parties and celebrations to mark the occasion. Like many people, though I had never lost my passion for MJ’s body of work, I had let my admiration slip somewhat to the side as focus shifted towards his odd behavior and away from his incredible talent. Everything we have learned about Jackson since his passing has made it clear that he missed the love and support he once had. I mourned the man like he was my own blood, only realizing in death just how much his life had meant to me.

We can argue over Michael Jackson and how weird he was and what some of us believe he was guilty of (and what others, such as myself, do not). But the point is less about him than it is the fact that many of us have people in our actual daily lives who we take for granted. Or, who we may love without ever saying or showing it clearly. When we lose these people, especially unexpectedly, we are shaken and impacted not just their loss, but by the fact that they left without knowing how we really felt.

Take this as yet another reminder to do the work of loving before it is too late. And while we are seizing opportunities, I’m taking advantage of one to post my favorite MJ video. Because it’s never to late to give thanks for the sounds that have delighted me for my entire life. And because I can. :-)

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