When Curtis James Jackson III made his grand entrance into mainstream hip-hop, my girlfriends barely could keep their panties on. No one measured up to 50 Cent: his swagger, lyrical skills, and oh yes, those muscles.

“Girl, I want a man like that. I love ‘em tall and big.”

“Really?” I wasn’t moved.

“Yes, I want him to pick me up and throw me somewhere (read: sexually). I’d love a piece of that.”

“Wow. Well, I’ll have to pass on that. He’s too damn big. I’d be afraid he’d crush me.”

While I’ve dated all types of dudes, I’m pretty standard on body types. If you’re not lean, toned, and muscular, I probably won’t touch you. It’s simply my thing. You know, I’m into the track and soccer types. Since I’m barely 5’3 and slightly over 120 pounds, I’m not a feeling the idea of a 300-pound football player. I’ll pass. One wrong move in the bedroom and he literally could crush me. My libido just dies in the thought.

But my girlfriends are muscular men die-hearts. Pair 50 Cent’s body with a degree, thriving career, and traditional family values, you might witness a catfight. I have a friend that would jump on the plane in a minute to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s wife. I’d roll over before accepting even a night. But of course, there’s some overlap in our attractions. We appreciate those who fall in between the lean and huge. We love Boris Kodjoe, Derek Luke, and would do Tyrese in heartbeat (with a no talking rule). It all depends on your preference, unless you’re just not into muscles at all.

Let’s have a little fun for Frugivore Month. What are your thoughts on muscular men? Love it or hate it? Weigh in.

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