A recent Gallup poll found that 40 percent of Americans would prefer their only child to be a son if they had a choice, versus 28 percent who’d opt for a girl. This harkens back to a 1941 poll that found 38 percent of Americans wanting a boy, versus 24 percent preferring a girl.

Men tilted the scales here considerably, as some 49 percent of them selected a son, versus just 22 percent who opted for a girl. Of the women surveyed, 31 percent wanted a boy, while 33 percent would prefer a daughter.

In 1941, these results didn’t hold quite the same weight as they do now, as gender selection procedures are starting to become available across the world.

These results gave me food for thought, with a slight side of guilt. I, too, have often thought that if I had but one child, I would prefer to have a boy. As much as I would love to have a little princess to dress up and dote on, I’ve always fantasized about raising a little warrior son who reflected the “good Black man” image I grew up observing AND longing to see more often. I wouldn’t want to go so far as to use technology to change my child’s gender destiny, though. I’ve put an image of two little boys and a little girl in mind, in hopes that when God sends me my blessings from Baby Heaven, he’ll hook a sister up with that package.

What say you, Clutchettes? Do you care about the gender of your future/possible children? If so, what is your preference?

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