From The Grio —  You gotta wonder what Newt Gingrich eats for breakfast.

According to the thrice married, much derided former House Speaker, “No administration in modern times has failed younger blacks more than the Obama administration.”

And he said it with a straight face.

Without the benefit of a laugh track, Gingrich pronounced the African-American vote up for grabs. It’s time, he believes, for the Grand Old Party to campaign in black communities across the country. “We have to have the courage to walk into that neighborhood, to talk to that preacher, to visit that small business, to talk to that mother. And we have to have a convincing case that we actually know how to create jobs.”


Courage is one thing. But Gingrich will have to dust off his magic time machine and effectively undo a history of policy decisions and political shenanigans that have negatively impacted black communities in ways that have and will span generations.

For instance, President Ronald Reagan never supported the use of federal power to provide blacks with civil rights. In fact, he opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In 1980, Reagan called the landmark legislation “humiliating to the South.” It was Reagan who extolled the virtues of “states rights” when announced his bid for the presidency in Philadelphia, Mississippi where civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Cheney were tortured and murdered. “States rights” and, by extension, the south’s ability to continue the slave trade, was the very issue that lit the fuel on the Civil War.

For Gingrich to be right, we would have to forget about Willie Horton. We’d have to forget a now infamous television ad run by the late North Carolina Senator Jesse Holmes in which he attacked Affirmative Action by saying it took away jobs from hard working, more qualified white people and his 16-hour filibuster against honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a federal holiday.

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