After nearly a week of guessing games, Anthony Weiner Finally came clean over the twit pic that was seen around the online universe and country’s most influential political circles.

Yesterday, the New York Congressman admitted that the explicit photos that had been Tweeted from his account were indeed him. Having denied sending them for close to a week, Weiner tearfully apologized to his wife, his constituents and told the New Yorkers in his Brooklyn district he would not be leaving his work.

While much of the Weinergate scandal has focused on the Congressman and his unfortunately inappropriate name, the conversation has now shifted towards his wife. Married to Weiner just last July, Huma Abedin is now feeling he glare of the national spotlight after quietly gaining praise behind the scenes.

With a name familiar to anyone inside the Beltway, Abedin has risen through the ranks in Washington, going from a White House intern during the Clinton Administration to now one of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest aides. The Michigan native spent her childhood growing up in Saudi Arabia. Not only is she fluent in Arabic, she is witty, smart, beautiful and well respected.
Speaking on her aide and former intern, Secretary Clinton told Vogue:

Huma Abedin has the energy of a woman in her 20s, the confidence of a woman in her 30s, the experience of a woman in her 40s, and the grace of a woman in her 50s. She is timeless, her combination of poise, kindness, and intelligence are matchless.

That poise has been on full display in recent days as Abedin has weathered her significant other’s Twitter storm. But as the scandal seems to have fully been publicly revealed many are wondering if she will, like many other political wives, play the role of the “good wife.”

When Abedin married Weiner, her husband was known as the raucous raising congressman who dueled with Fox News and Clarence Thomas. He was for liberals a humorous hell raiser and for conservative a thorn in their spine. But now as Weiner’s name becomes synonymous with a playground dirty joke, will Abedin stay?

Though the pictures seem to speak volumes, Weiner’s tearful press conference yesterday did not include admission of an affair. Several sources say that the Congressman’s internet flirting was not news to Abedin but that his racy photo cover up did catch her off guard. With her trust betrayed though it may seem impossible for Abedin to believe, well, anything that would come out of Weiner’s mouth. Still the debate around how far Weinergate goes continues on:

Does a suggestive pic necessarily make a spouse a cheater or does the lack of trust make the actuality irrelevant? Weigh in, Clutchettes and tell us what you think!

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  • Yeah. Tweeting, texting, smoke signals, sending a dirty message via Harry Potter’s owl…don’t effin do it. It’s cheating.

  • Unbelieving

    Weiner’s serious lack of judgement re: private matters (marriage, fidelity et al) cause me to question his judgement re: congressional matters…GET REAL WEINER!!!

  • jane

    I don’t have a twitter account, but its my understanding that it is a public forum for all your “followers”, no?

  • Rastaman

    Weiner is a first rate idiot!
    Has he never heard the rule about not recording anything you do not want want anyone else to access?
    That old saying stupid is as stupid does is no truer than in this instance. Who the hell is so starved for affection that they have to be online flirting with anonymous folks?
    If he needed his weiner polished he would find many willing participants in the real world instead his career is imploding publicly.

    Whether he is a cheater or not, it is up to his wife to determine but this episode does prove he is dumbass.

  • BeauteAddct

    I think more than the issue of cheating (because let’s face it, sexting a dick pic to strangers hardly equals emotional connection) it is just humiliating that he did something that tawdry. His wife is absolutely gorgeous and is far too good for him. He’s a tacky little pervert who, despite his political achievements, can’t keep it in his pants. Literally.