Listen up!

Clutch is looking for a motivated, detail orientated, and fair-minded individual to serve as our community intern.

As the community intern you’ll be responsible for moderating comments, tracking and deleting spammers, making sure our lively discussions remain respectful, and keeping a lid on those whose sole purpose is to disrespect our readers and cause conflict.

Because we have some of the most intelligent (and vocal!) readers around, you will also need to be able to monitor our commenting system several times a day and on weekends (approximately 5-10 hours a week).

While this isn’t a paying gig, the experience you’ll gain from working with one of the premier online publications for women of color is invaluable.

So if you’re a student looking to bolster your resume, or a grad looking to gain experience in a different area, drop us a line and tell us why you should be our community intern!

~The Clutch team,

[email protected]


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  • JustSaying…

    Here is a suggestion Clutch: Why don’t you install a feature that let’s your readers self-moderate this site.

    You had a feature where your comments were rated and those with the lowest rating weren’t shown. Do something like that but without the color scheme for the comments. Or simply add a report button to comments or make it so that comments that are reported 10 or more times are automatically removed or something. That will save you a lot of work.

  • Alexz Chill

    I would just like to say, I became instantly ecstatic when I saw this position pop up on my Tweetdeck timeline. I have witnessed your budding progress from the beginning until now. I’ve observed the impact of your inspirational influence on myself and the rest of my clutchette family. This avid and proud reader will be applying! Thank you for offering the opportunity. =)

    – xoxo Alexz Chill

  • African Mami

    Suggestion: Put LOVE buttons, LIKE buttons, and DISLIKE buttons while you are at it. Because there are comments made on here, that make me want to jump through the screen and hug the person, and there are others that have my fro jacked up!

    • BluTopaz

      lol-that should be one of the buttons, a frowny face with smoke coming out of its ears!

  • Alexandra

    I agree with JustSaying and AfricanMami. A comment rating/reporting option would help detect negative comments faster. This site has neither and I think it would really help if readers were given the chance to self-report them.

  • Danielle Moinifa

    Though the “Like/Dislike” button suggestion sounds great and would prove to be very useful on here, you do run the risk of the buttons not being used for their intended purpose. We’ve all seen various “internet trolls” leaving comments just to create drama, well they could also interfere with the buttons creating havoc that way. Secondly comments could be disliked not because they are spam, negative or personal attacks against the author(s) of the article and various comments, but because one simply disagrees with the statement. All that aside, the button suggestion is something to look into.

    • Tomi-chan

      I agree, anyone who has a dissenting opinion or doesn’t quite agree with the author/majority of commentors is labeled as a “TROLL” or “hating black men/women” or whatever that is not explicitly stated in their own comment (seriously, can we as readers fix this? It’s a disgusting and prevalent habit). Adding a dislike/like button could possibly alienate people with different opinions from ever visiting Clutch.

      I think a moderator would be the best way to go…

    • JustSaying…


      The fact that Clutch is seeking a moderator from amongst its readers (I’m assuming) should be a red flag. I’m almost certain there is no such thing as a fair and impartial moderator coming from this site. The only way they will POSSIBLY get a fair and impartial moderator is by looking for him/her outside of this site. Otherwise a self-moderated community is the best bet.

    • Tomi-chan


      Huh, you’re right. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…