Earlier this month rapper Lupe Fiasco came under fire for calling President Obama a terrorist.

During an interview with CBS’s What’s Trending, the conscious rapper said, “My fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America”

Since then, he’s discussed the issue with Russell Simmons, and apparently felt the need to talk about it again with Fox News TV personality Bill O’Riley.

O’Riley’s hate for rappers is well-known. He rallied against Ludacris when he became a spokesperson for Pepsi, and he stoked a false sense of outrage when Common was asked to perform at the White House to celebrate poetry. However, this time, O’Riley seems to be taking the unusual step to defend President Obama against Lupe’s “terrorist” comment. Interesting.

During their exchange, O’Riley said Fiasco was “oversimplifying” the issue by labeling the President a terrorist. He also said that Lupe was speaking recklessly to his fans, who O’Riley calls “impressionable kids” who “are not exactly political science PHDs.”

Although the clip seems to be extremely edited (a common O’Riley tactic), the conversation between the two was definitely an interesting one. Check it.

What do you think of Lupe Fiasco’s appearance on the O’Riley Factor? Did he clear up his comment on President Obama or did he add more fuel to the fire? Speak on it!

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