Earlier this month rapper Lupe Fiasco came under fire for calling President Obama a terrorist.

During an interview with CBS’s What’s Trending, the conscious rapper said, “My fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America”

Since then, he’s discussed the issue with Russell Simmons, and apparently felt the need to talk about it again with Fox News TV personality Bill O’Riley.

O’Riley’s hate for rappers is well-known. He rallied against Ludacris when he became a spokesperson for Pepsi, and he stoked a false sense of outrage when Common was asked to perform at the White House to celebrate poetry. However, this time, O’Riley seems to be taking the unusual step to defend President Obama against Lupe’s “terrorist” comment. Interesting.

During their exchange, O’Riley said Fiasco was “oversimplifying” the issue by labeling the President a terrorist. He also said that Lupe was speaking recklessly to his fans, who O’Riley calls “impressionable kids” who “are not exactly political science PHDs.”

Although the clip seems to be extremely edited (a common O’Riley tactic), the conversation between the two was definitely an interesting one. Check it.

What do you think of Lupe Fiasco’s appearance on the O’Riley Factor? Did he clear up his comment on President Obama or did he add more fuel to the fire? Speak on it!

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  • I’m a little disappointed at the approach Lupe used to bring attention to his point. Being that both rappers and Muslims are looked upon in a negative light in society, to see someone who is a part of both groups essentially hurling out petty name-calling and insults to convey their point of view is childish and ignorant. Not to mention, it just brings more negativity and validates stereotypes.

    Both parties chose/choose to air their grievances with blanket statements and sensationalism. Yes the U.S. Government is wrong for the terror they invoked on certain nationalities and nations. Yes there are people trying to deescalate the situations that we essentially initiated with our imperialistic nature. But to put the blame on one person is scapegoating. Obama didn’t start the war, and to call him a terrorist for a war that’s been going on since 2001, 8 years prior to the start of his term, is showcasing the blanketed blaming that Faux News is known for.

    Granted, I’m more likely to side with Lupe on this one, given O’Reily’s track record of ignorant comments, but I’m just very disappointed that he chose to deliver his message through inflammatory means.

  • Lea

    First, I won’t say that America is above criticism, even/especially from its own citizens because that’s part of making America “a more perfect union.” So, don’t expect any of those favorite conservative reproaches of liberals as “anti-American” or “un-patriotic” from me.

    However, it’s ironic that those who are inclined to draw a moral equivalency between the American government and terrorists only hold America accountable for its actions thereby implicitly confirming America’s position as the moral superior. And if you think about it even more you’d find it’s the same condescension that the American government is accused of. As in: “America should know better,” which is kin to “America knows best.”

    As far as the chicken-or-egg theory that America is responsible for terrorism: evil existed before America and evil will exist after America. I’m just not sold on this Pollyanna worldview that if America was essentially an isolationist nation all would be right. War is a necessary evil. Of course, war shouldn’t be exhausted all over the place, it should be the last resort.

  • KeeKee

    That name suits him right. LUPE. Because that’s eactly how he sound LUPEE as hell. How dare he call Obama a terrorist. What about how Bush & Chaney started the whole thing. Sending troops in Iran/Iraq/Afgan and kill up THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of INNOCENT men , women, and children. I mean come oooon!!

    • LemonNLime

      He didn’t just say Obama he said all the presidents that came before him and that will come after him too.

    • sli

      Um, yeah, he clearly said ALL presidents, and you basically just called Bush and Cheney terrorists; so how is that any different from what Lupe is saying about Obama? Oh, yeah, I forgot. It’s because Obama is black, and how dare we criticize our black president?

  • Bb

    Some people will do anything for money and attention.