With the changing seasons come not only changing your wardrobe but revamping your beauty routine. Your beauty needs are much different in the winter than in the summer. While there’s no need to throw out your products or hit the department makeup counter, you can revamp your routine by introducing some new products and give you the beauty boost you need.

Ditch the heavy foundation.

When revamping your beauty routine, your foundation is the best place to start. If you are using a heavy liquid or liquid-like compact, switch to a medium or light coverage powder. It will allow your skin to breathe in the hot sun and let your stunning skin shine through.

Try MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder, $29.50, maccosmetics.com.



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  • Rosie

    i love this!

  • Nakeisha

    I would add the Studio Moisture Tint with SPF15 ($29.50) at MAC Cosmetics to this list as well. It goes hand and hand with the great selections above!

  • Fajir, you have stolen virtually the entire “black pin up” article from my site without a bit of credit. Please CREDIT if you crib! I worked hard on a ten part series on the history of the Black Pinup, and to have it used withoutsourcing is not pleasing at all. I wrote the article to be shared, not stolen. PLEASE PROVIDE CREDIT!

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