Adding to his string of small screen roles, Mehcad Brooks is currently starring in TNT’s new series, Necessary Roughness. The actor has become a familiar face in the sitcom world, appearing on a range of shows from Desperate Housewives to The Game.

Recently, Brooks sat down with The New York Post for an interview on everything from the car accident that had him out of commission to being on billboards wearing only briefs.

Speaking on the car accident in Atlanta that occurred when he started shooting Necessary Roughness, Brooks said:

I as sitting at a stop light. Somebody decided to use me as the brakes. I was in and out of it for a couple of days. It’s excruciating, trying to slowly get back into exercising.

Not being able to work out was torture for Brooks who prides himself on staying in tip top shape.

I had wanted to be a Calvin Klein model since I was 17. Marky Mark in his Calvin Kleins was the epitome of male sexuality. That was something I worked for….I feel like the human body is what it is and the more you make yourself comfortable with it, the better off you are. Love your body and embrace that. If that means being naked, that means being naked. If you’re aware it’s not that hard to eat well and go to the gym and make yourself look good. Then you can embrace what it is you have.

While he’s not hard on the eyes, don’t be too quick to label Brooks as just another good-looking jock. The actor says he chose cinema television school at USC over Yale after graduating high school saying, “the best education I could have received.”

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