Rounding out her last day in South Africa, First Lady Michelle Obama worked through her busy schedule and made some memorable appearances.

Today, Mrs. Obama’s famous toned arms were on display when she visited the Cape Town Soccer Stadium. Joining her, Archbishop dropped to the ground to flex their muscles, doing push ups with some of the youth there. The 79-year-old retired cleric came to the event focused on fitness and raising awareness of H.I.V. prevention. After they finished their set, the two gave each other a congratulatory pound- or as the political bloggers will inevitably refer to it- a first bump.

While many were anticipating Mrs. Obama’s trip out to Robben Island to the closet sized cell where Nelson Mandel spent his prison stay, her aides cancelled the visit saying the 30 minute ferry ride to the island would be too dangerous given the rough winds and choppy tides. Instead, the First Lady visited the District Six Museum, a monument that honors the Cape Town neighborhood that was declared a white area and bulldozed to the ground, forcing the removal of black residents by the apartheid regime.

Mrs. Obama also paid a visit to the University of Cape Town, bringing along younger students from disenfranchised neighborhoods. She gave them a message of empowerment saying:

“You can fit in here too. This is a place for you. Getting into a school like this isn’t some kind of magical process. There is no magic dust that helps students succeed. Nowadays it is really about how hard you are willing to work.”

Since arriving in South Africa, the First Lady has been on a whirlwind tour of the country, making appearances in several of the country’s major cities. Speaking at the Regina Mundi Church in Soweto, the largest church in the city, Mrs. Obama urged the crowd of nearly 2,000 women to “be the generation that ends HIV/AIDS in our time, the generation that fights not just the disease, but the stigma of the disease.”

The First Lady will depart from South African on Friday for neighboring Botswana and is planning a safari trip with her daughters, her mother and niece and nephew. No doubt, there will be more great pictures to come.

In the meantime you can get your share of Mrs. O pics from her South Africa trip below:

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