I’d seen the word “planking” repeated on Twitter a number of times before I actually took the time to find out what it was. I almost wish I hadn’t. Basically, it involves lying  face down as stiff as a plank in an awkward or in appropriate place (on top of a police car, across a row of movie theatre seats, atop a statue, etc) and taking pictures of it to post on the internet to delight in with other planking fans.

My homeboy Bryant on the trend: “I believe the children are the future. Therefore, we are doomed.” The crazy thing is, this isn’t simply something that high school or college kids are doing. The concept, which seems to have been popular amongst groups of White young people for quite a while, was introduced to Negroes via rapper Joe Budden on Twitter. I really don’t get it. I can imagine some of my college friends getting into this when we were in school (which may or may not have found me participating, depending upon how grown I was aiming to be at the time), but it still surprises me that something so silly could become so popular.

Sadly, there has been at least one planking death reported; a 20-year-old man fell from a 7th story balcony while attempting to play what was once called ‘the lying down game’.

If you haven’t seen any pics yet, check out Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook and be prepared to be…I don’t know, looking at people laying down in weird places so they can say they did it.

Are you out there planking, Clutchettes? Have you seen any one do it? Am I crazy for thinking it’s crazy? Or am I just getting old?

Though this one planking photo did make me laugh:

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