Halle Berry could soon be gracing our televisions screens on a weekly basis.

According to Deadline, the Oscar winning actress has been contacted to star in “Higher Learning,” a project being undertaken by Hollywood veteran Lee Rose. Rose, who has oversaw several 1990s television shows, has spend the last ten years as a director. While little is known about the project, “Higher Learning” would center around a college professor. Insiders are buzzing that Halle is the top pick for the role. Rose has been shopping the project to cable networks, HBO and Showtime.

Though she is known as a megawatt big screen stunner, the small screen is where Halle first got her start. Gaining national recognition in the 1980’s Who’s the Boss? spin-off, Living Dolls, Halle quickly catapulted to stardom.

Known for her blockbusters and harrowing dramatic performances in theatres, her small screen returns have gotten critical acclaim as well. Her work on HBO’s Introducing Dorothy Dandridge in 2000 earned her both a Best Actress Emmy and a Golden Globe.

The talks are being kept under lock and key but I’m definitely hoping it gets picked up.

What do you think of Halle returning to the small screen? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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  • Penny

    i think that would be nice. I would watch!

  • “Known for her blockbusters and harrowing dramatic performances in theatres….”


    If y’all say so…..

    • omg

      i think they are referring to xmen, one of the most successful comicbook to big screen movie series, not to mention the james bond movie.

      oh, and the academy award in a drama. and an emmy award for dorothy dandrige. and her role in oprah’s their eyes were watching god.

      lol. i don’t think she’s the greatest actor, but facts are facts.

      you’re such a halle hater. lmao. did she stomp on your heart in another life or sumthin? you’re all over threads with her in it.

    • Clnmike

      Let’s get it straight in xmen they could have dressed up Tyler Perry as Madea, dressed up as Storm and still been a blockbuster she didn’t have anything to do with that . Same with James Bond.

      As for the Academy award I can’t even call what the hell they were thinking other then LOOK AT THOSE TITS!

      As for the TV specials I’ll give her that.

      As for me hating, yeah after watching the rest of. Her sub par work yeah I am definitely a hater. Hater #777.

    • omg

      facts are facts and nothing you’ve said dispute them.

      you may disagree with the awards given. you may think that the movies that did well could run on automatic but it doesn’t matter.

      if you were an actor and your agent needed to negotiate your salary for your next gig, i guess you’d make sure they knew not to say you were a main character in a big blockbuster cuz that movie could run on automatic pilot. they didn’t need you. no extra money for you, despite helping to bring in millions. right?

      the xmen series and the james bond movie used halle’s image to sell the product. halle’s xmen character was featured in a trailer for the movie. actually, one of the more iconic scenes in the first movie.

      and how many times did they show the image of her coming out of the water with her bikini on for james bond? um yeah, i’d say the studio’s marketing dept set that up cuz they knew it would sell. hello? ka-ching. this was especially important because the james bond franchise was seen as a dying franchise. they needed something to revive interest in some way – and they used halle for that.

      do you think that halle’s presence didn’t add up to more ticket sales? i can tell you that being the first black bond girl and being one of the first black female characters to appear in a comicbook to big screen adaption of a hugely popular series did put people in the seats.

      lmao. you’d be horrible at business. can’t sell nothin and don’t get where the value of things lie.

      bottomline is the author was correct in writing what she wrote because the facts are in support of what was written.

      but haterz gonna hate. so go drink more haterade. lol.

    • Clnmike

      Like I said if y’all think so, go right ahead. As for me you better believe I will be drinking up all the haterade I can get my hands on that way I got plenty of liquids in me to do a R.Kelly number on her name every time I see it.

    • Tomi-chan

      “i think they are referring to xmen, one of the most successful comicbook to big screen movie series”

      Yeah and that doesn’t say much about the industry haha (-I am comic book nerd so sue me?-) But I agree with you omg. Halle has helped sell a lot of things, and she did it while black.

  • Angelica

    @Cinmike what did her nakedness in Monster’s Ball have to do with anything? If you didn’t care for her performance, that’s one thing, but women and men have bared their bodies for artistic purposes in Oscar-winning roles for a long time now. Or are Black women not supposed to do that for fear of being stereotyped and judged? Hmm….

    • Gigi Young

      I agree.

      I’ve grown to hate when black people act as though Halle Berry was out in the streets showing her goodies and getting gang-banged on Rodeo Drive, simply because she did one sex scene in a movie ten years ago. Many of today’s A-List actresses have taken off their clothes in films and even performed equally graphic sex scenes, but their names are never dragged through the mud the way Halle’s is.

      To return to the topic, I hope Halle does accept this role because at least she has enough star power to bring a meaty TV drama to our screens.

  • Gyslain

    i love halle she is soooo beautiful and yeah she may not be the best actress but hey neither is jennifer aniston, angelina joli and they get to do what they love.