The other day I was listening to Cosmo Radio in my car when I heard an interesting little tidbit. According to the Cosmo magazine, 80% of people they polled admitted to getting their freak on in a car. 80 PERCENT!

While I was a little shocked at the amount, I had to remind myself that for many, getting busy in the ride is a rite of passage.

While the radio hosts discussed their favorite positions for tight spaces, I let my mind wander. Where are some other spaces/places this info can be put to good use?


So Clutchettes and Gents, where is your favorite place, besides the bedroom, to get it on?

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    And the bonus…so he’s a builder, makes these amazing mansions…sometimes he’ll take me to check in on the house before its all dones, at nite of course when there’s no other workers there, n get it on standing up in the unfinished estates

  • oknow

    bathroom is always fun.. never know when the kids will try to find us.. lol