The other day my boy, and frequent Clutch contributor Drew-Shane, asked if I would ever go on a first date to McDonald’s. My first response: “You must be smoking that stuff, D!” But after a few jokes, he confessed that while he probably wouldn’t take a date to the Golden Arches, he’d take a potential boo out for cheap eats on the first date.

His question stemmed from Chad Ochocinco and his fiancé Evelyn’s appearance on the Mo’Nique Show. On the show, pro-baller Ochocinco said that after he said some not-so-nice things about Evelyn on Twitter, he wanted to invite her out to apologize. Instead of treating her to a nice restaurant, he took Evelyn to McDonald’s because, as Chad put it, she had to “work her way up to the nice restaurants.”

Typically, people go out of their way to impress a potential match on a first date, but Ochocinco’s idea that one should opt for a more economical option and “work up” to more expensive options is an interesting one.

While I’d give a man the side-eye of life if he pulled up to the Micky Dee’s drive-thru on our first date, I wouldn’t think twice if he found a more interesting option that offered cheap, and tasty fare (an off-beat taco tuck after a stroll through an art museum for instance).

But what about you Clutchettes and Gents? Would you go to McDonald’s, or an equally cheap place, on a first date?

Let’s talk about it!


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