There are women that go to the beach to feel the sand between their toes, dive headfirst into the ocean and ride the crashing waves. And there are others who make the beach their personal fashion show.

A wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, the hottest designer bikini and jeweled flip flops make up the uniform for the latter. Their time on the beach consists of hours tanning (or hiding underneath an umbrella) and maybe a photo shoot of them and their girlfriends standing close enough to the water to capture it in the picture without getting wet.

That these women might don a face full of makeup at the beach isn’t surprising but it is jarring, at least for me. Unless your makeup is completely sweat-proof, you’ve got to imagine that your “face” will start running down the front of your bikini after awhile.

And whether your idea of a beach day involves going for a swim or tanning in the hottest fashions, it’s safe to say you regard a “beat” face on the beach as a complete “No.” But what about a bright lip, turquoise eyeliner or just bronzer?

Are there rules for how much makeup one can rock on the beach? Is makeup on the beach totally off limits? Discuss.

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