We all know designer runways and top fashion magazines are great places to seek inspiration and get a first-hand look at the latest trends. But here at C+C, we’re more interested in seeing clothes and accessories worn the real way by real people!

Every week or so, we select a particular reader whose sense of fashion sets him/her apart from the rest. “Muse” is meant to be a platform of great style and individuality, and will hopefully inspire other readers to continue looking their best and experimenting fearlessly with their own wardrobes!

Name: Chioma (Chomy) Amaryllis
Age: 25
Location: Washington DC
Occupation: PR Specialist

C+C: How would you describe your personal style in 5 words?
Chioma: Crazy, funky, random, mix-matched, limitless.

C+C: Who would you list as your top fashion/style icons and why?
Chioma: As far as celebrity fashion icons go, I don’t have specific people I look up to or worship. In the fashion world, fashion and style seem to get passed off as the same thing all the time and icons gets thrown at just about anyone with the ‘right’ look. But for me it goes deeper than that. I have great respect/admiration for anyone famous or not who has that certain ‘pulloffability’ and confidence to wear anything and make it work. When it comes to style, I value creativity and will acknowledge it wherever I notice it. Thanks to the internet, a lot of everyday ‘unsung’ style mavens are getting more visibility. A lot of my blogger friends have killa style delivery, they are all iconic in their own way.

C+C: What are some of your style staples/must haves?
Chioma: My collection of printed scarves are definitely staples but they have to be massive and sizable to be reworked into impromptu skirts and make shift dresses. I could make a weeks outfit with just a lone scarf and a few accessories. Scarves deserve more respect and credit in my opinion. As far as must haves, definitely leopard! I have an unhealthy obsession with leopard print anything probably because most people find them tacky – but I love it all. I love mixing different patterns and textures of it, to me there is no such thing as too much leopard. I will wear leopard till i die every year, every season.

C+C: What trends are you coveting right now?
Chioma: I am not really a trend chaser. Trends are not supposed to define one’s personal style. Over time I have managed to stock my wardrobe with a little bit of everything to never feel like I am really missing out on a hot trend. I crave variety and I need a lot of options so I shop consistently and hoard shamelessly! I tend to just buy things I like, trendy or not and i will wear them next year and the year after that regardless of what the “Fashion Brigade” decree. I have a strict principle of never investing in trends which is why i prefer flea markets/thrift/vintage, off season sales and online shopping. Honestly, buy a bit of everything you like and spin it however your want and WAIT! Let someone else covet YOUR trend!

To see more of Chioma’s great personal style and keep up on her musings, visit her blog, The Culture Cynic!

-Teena Leone

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