We all know designer runways and top fashion magazines are great places to seek inspiration and get a first-hand look at the latest trends. But here at C+C, we’re more interested in seeing clothes and accessories worn the real way by real people!

Every week or so, we select a particular reader whose sense of fashion sets him/her apart from the rest. “Muse” is meant to be a platform of great style and individuality, and will hopefully inspire other readers to continue looking their best and experimenting fearlessly with their own wardrobes!

Name: Olori Swank
Age: I never answer this question….I think it adds to my allure (laughs)
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Coco and Crème: What is the story behind the blue mohawk?

Olori: The color came first, the mohawk came second. One random Tuesday almost four years ago while I was in between a flight from New York to Tampa, I stopped in ATL to get my hair done. I really wanted it to be pink with purple highlights. Not sure what went awry in the color bowl but when the stylist dyed my hair it came out blue. I was mortified! I couldn’t do anything about it though because I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight. She assured me she would fix it for free as soon as I got back to Atlanta. When I got to Tampa, everyone LOVED it. …so I kept it. I was rocking a short asymmetrical cut then, similar to how Rihanna’s hair used to be. About a year later, I shaved one side off completely & four months after that, I shaved the other side and started rocking the mohawk. I’ve had it for a while now and it’s become my signature look. You wouldn’t believe how many people know me as “The Girl with the Blue Mohawk.”

C+C: Name four trends that you’re totally obsessed with at this moment?

Olori: Short suits, color blocking, high-waisted trousers, pale blue stiletto nails (like Tiffany & Co blue)

C+C: Tell us about the inspiration behind your blog.

Olori: Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I am good for a ‘twitter rant’ or two every now and again. The blog started as a place for me to continue those rants when 140 characters wasn’t enough. It’s since turned into my little fashion diary. I talk about trends, my observations, and what it’s like to work in fashion. I’ve been doing a lot of outfit posts lately and it seems my readers are really into those, so my main focus may shift to that in the near future.

C+C: In a day where everyone is a self-proclaimed “stylist” how do you make sure your work stands out?

Olori: Research has always been key for me. I take great pride in the amount of time I spend perfecting my craft. I also find inspiration everywhere. It’s almost as if I look at the world in a different way than anybody else would. I see fashion in everything and I ALWAYS make sure that every piece of work I put out into the universe is something I’m proud of. If I don’t like it, it’s back to the drawing board we go.

C+C: If I were to take a quick look inside your handbag, what would I find?

Olori: It’s funny you asked that; I’m actually doing a blog post soon on the contents of my bag. A sneak peek list would include: iPhone, iPad, Wallet, Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss (I’m obsessed), Business Cards, Perfume (usually one of the many Ferragamo ‘incanto’ scents), a tin with mints in it, and a pen (I ALWAYS have a blue pen).

C+C: Quick, name three things you have to grab before leaving the house/office?

Olori: iPhone, Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss (in “I Want Candy”), my wallet.

To see more of Olori’s personal style and follow her as she creates the looks behind some of today’s biggest stars, visit her blog, Olori Swank.

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