An Oakland woman, who was robbed and sexually assaulted in her home, managed to videotape her attacker moments before the assault.

The 28-year-old victim, known only as “Christine,” agreed to release the cell phone video of the man who attacked her in the hopes that it will lead to his capture.

According to Oakland, CA police, Christine was home alone when an intruded kicked in the back door of her house. As the man stole items from her home, Christine grabbed her cell phone and began filming.

After realizing he was being filmed, the man ran out of Christine’s home, but he quickly “came right back in and the victim was sexually assaulted.”

Although it is very rare for victims to capture their attackers on tape, police hope that Christine’s smart thinking will help remove a predator off the streets.


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  • dvine

    like who does this.. oh she video taped me so let me go back and RAPE her after i ROBBED her.. F’n SCUM! I hope they catch his asss…

  • LRS23

    Wow. This guy had a lot of nerve. Even after seeing that there was someone home, he STILL went and robbed her and had the gall to come back and then raped her! Man, I hope they throw the book at him!!