Fashion is more than what meets the eye. Some clothing requires certain underwear to create a finished and smooth look. We have all heard of spanx and other shapewear brands that turn your humps and bumps into flat smooth lines, but are you sure you are wearing them correctly? We have put together a list of shapewear do’s and dont’s for those who want to create a smooth and lean appearance every time.

Try it on First:

Have you ever had a body shaper that you wore once and never wore again? Did it take you forever to use the bathroom? Did the shaper itch and burn all day, making you feel annoyed and uncomfortable? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, chances are you did not try on the shapewear before making a purchase. Make sure you can sit down, walk around, and breathe while wearing the shapewear. If not you may want to try another style or size.

Keep it Sexy:

Do take your time when searching for shapewear. Invest in something that is going to make you feel confident, secure and sexy. You don’t want to feel like you are wearing granny panties all day. Nowadays, shapewear come in many different styles. You can purchase cute, sexy shapewear that will have you looking great and feeling stylish.

Go Seamless:

Do purchase shapewear that will appear seamless. Don’t purchase body shapers that will have lines and lumps showing through your clothing. No one should know you are wearing shapewear except you.

Get your Size:

Shapewear comes in various control settings. You can buy mild control, maximum control and minimum control. There is no need to buy larger sizes or smaller sizes to create different effects. A lot of women tend to purchase shapewear in smaller sizes hoping to create a slimming effect. However, the result is never positive. When buying shapewear, purchase your size.

Stay Dry:

Do apply baby powder to your body before wearing a body shaper. This will alleviate the itching and sweating that occurs when wearing an extra layer of clothing throughout the day. Trust us, the powder will have you feeling dry and clean all day.

– Chelsey Wilkins

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