Ladies, you know what it is. Summer is almost here and aside from warmer weather, rooftop parties, and family barbeques, summer also brings an unfortunate uptick in street harassment.

Street harassment: the annoying, offensive, and sometimes violent words, actions, and gestures hurled at women as they try to move from Point A to Point B.

Although being harassed has less to do with how attractive a woman is or what she is actually wearing, and more to do with the harasser’s need to assert power over her, summertime can get especially dicey for women.

Despite their overwhelming ability to suppress their urges, some men act like the sight of a woman is just too much for them to handle.

Instead of leaving women alone, or even approaching them respectfully, some men quickly devolve into hurling lewd remarks and vulgar come-ons in attempt to control women as they go about their day.

Make no mistake about it. Street harassment isn’t about a man trying to meet a nice woman. If that were the case, “Damn ma you got a fat ass, can I hit that?” wouldn’t be the first words out of their mouths. Instead, street harassment is about control.

A while ago I saw the short film, “Walking Home,” directed by filmmaker Nuala Cabral, which takes a look at what women really go through when we traverse the streets. Although the film’s subject matter is nothing new for women, it serves as a stark reminder about the challenges many of us face while we are out in the world.

Dear Clutchettes, How do you deal with summertime street harassment?

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