Another big loss for the little guy, as the US Supreme Court has shut down a potential job descrimination suit against Wal-Mart, claiming that the case would be too large. There would have been somewhere between 500k to 1.5 million current and former female employees involved in the case which was first brought forward in 2001, when six women accused the big-box retailer of discriminating against women in terms of pay and advancement. The Supreme Court did not rule on the accusations, but was asked to decide if a single class-action suit could be used to settle a matter involving 3,400 stores and 170 job classifications.  The plaintiffs argued that because Wal-Mart, the largest employer in the country, uses largely uniform operational and hiring practices, a singular suit would be appropriate in spite of the massive size.





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  • I did not find this surprising.

    Women in the workforce have a lot to overcome. I do not think that we have properly attached ourselves to the kinds of jobs and positions that encourage promotion. As the primary care-takers of children and infants, it is quite possible that employers find it easier to stick with men.

    You would think that because women work just as hard as men, that the format for work would change to accommodate people working from home or something, but that is not the case in a service based industry like Walmart.

    The climate of politics and justice in the US is completely company geared right now so there is little chance of a case like this winning especially when it has so many women who could potential drain Walmart of all its money!

    We need change!


    • Pretty Cute

      we definitely need a change! and it starts with us(women). we have got to come together so our collective voice is louder than any gavel the justices may use.

  • This is BS!

  • How people can unconscionably shop at WalMart is beyond me…

  • This decision may have delayed large-scale discrimination suits against wal-mart, but it definitely did not stop them.

    All it held is that a class consisting of every single female Wal-Mart employee cannot sue in a single action. That doesn’t stop individuals, or smaller classes, from suing. Now, rather than having to defend one lawsuit, Wal-Mart may end up defending against hundreds, maybe thousands, of lawsuits brought by female employees.