Aspiring NBA groupies have a new anthem via the Gold Diggin’ Divas, who have released a remake of Webbie’s 2007 hit “Independent”. According to their YouTube page: ‘”Codependent” is the first single from the New Orleans raised Gold Diggin Divas. Now living in Los Angeles, the Cox sisters rap about everything from blingin and spending cash, to wearing Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Chanel, to driving your Bentley and poppin’ bottles of Ace of Spades while catching a tan.”

Le sigh.

While this is surely some sort of attempt at humor, it’s rather depressing that Rap music has made itself such an easy target for these jokes. If the rhymes had been just a little bit tighter and had their been a random Black dude spitting a verse (and if they hadn’t jacked a song from 2007 to flip), the track would be not only¬†believable, but not so different from what we’re used to from music these days.

At least they aren’t saying the ‘N-word’.

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