I was driving to work this morning and the DJs on Shade 45 were discussing a video of a woman turning down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal in front of a packed crowd…and rolling cameras.

The Proposal from Mims Media on Vimeo.

Although some callers recounted how they had been rejected during a wedding proposal, many of the callers said that women were obligated to say yes to a public proposal (even if they didn’t mean it) just to save her man from embarrassment.

I call b.s.

I don’t know the back-story of this couple’s union, but during the proposal, the man alluded to past mistakes.

Despite the crowd egging her on to accept the ring, the woman followed her heart (and mind), and said no (did you see the look she gave ol’ boy? #death!).

Fellas, let this be a warning.

If you aren’t sure your girlfriend will say yes, don’t pop the question.

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