Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to possess my mother’s womanly figure with curves galore. My athletic years in high school and college from both school and dance morphed my shape into something more lean and toned, but the idea of curves never escaped my mind, even when boyfriends told me they loved that I was in shape and more physically fit than most of the female population.

Now that I’m older and fate has set in (along with not as much exercise), my curves are here to stay and I couldn’t be happier with them, though I find that they are often a fetish for most men. In Vogue Italia’s June 2011 issue, plus-size model Marquita Pring poses in its SOGNO DI DONNA (translated as Women’s Dream) spread, in provocative poses showcasing Givenchy’s lingerie line. One cannot help but find her beautiful as well as the other women in the spread and though regarded as curvy in the fashion world, Marquita’s shape is like so many video vixens and curvaceous celebrities that black men have lusted over for years.

We recently discussed the idea of the modern-day black pin-up girl and let’s face it: pin-up girls mean curves. Women like Amber Rose, Mya and others are fetishized because of their curvy figures. There has always been the idea of curvy vs. skinny in the black community, pitting full-figured women against women with slimmer physiques. There are magazines like King and Smooth that specifically cater to voluptuous women, creating a very real dichotomy.

There have been numerous debates about which “kind” of women are more desirable: women with curves or women without. Black men love curves and you can barely go a day on Twitter or listening to the radio without the mention of a voluptuous woman and the men who would like to have her on their arms. On the other hand, there are the models which are regarded just as highly. Kanye West even made a whole song dedicated to them, but he still chose a curvy woman for his mate in Amber Rose. Jay-Z even calls out his wife as being the “black Brigitte Bardot” who in her heyday was known for her large breasts and hips.

Even we as women buy into the fetish, coveting the shapes of women like Sofia Vergara and Halle Berry who though are toned, have more curves than the average woman. We cannot ignore the constant chatter around Kim Kardashian’s assets or the idea that products like “booty pop” are selling out and being worn by women worldwide. Naturally, a beautiful women does not have to fit into a certain dress size to be considered desirable or comply to 36-24-36, so then why are curves still such a big deal?

What do you think about the curvy vs. skinny debate? Are voluptuous figures still the most desirable?

-Faith Cummings

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