Edward Enninful is one of Black Fashion’s most distinguished stars. Now the Fashion and Style Director at W Magazine, Enninful’s masterful creative vision has impacted some of the top fashion books from Vogue to i-D Magazine. Now at the helm of the Style Department at W, the visionary sat down with Huffington Post to talk about his storied career and the state of racism in fashion.

On Race…

“You know, I look around the industry, there’s still very few black people. The American fashion industry really has had to reassess its approach to fashion, particularly because Obama came into office. You know, for one of the most influential women [First Lady Michelle Obama] in the country to be black. I know that meant a great deal to a lot of black people in the fashion industry. And also now we have Twitter, we have the internet, and I’ve seen so many young black people who are involved in fashion. They’re making their own clothes, they’re styling, they’re taking photographs, and I guess the future generation to come, they’re all racing to become one global fashion industry. That’s what I hope, anyway.”

On W’s September issue…

“We’re going to feature the industry’s biggest names and well-known photographers. I think you’ll be pleased. And what I love about this sort of blend of photographers is that each one has their own unique style.”

On his vision for W Magazine…

“…the photography’s exquisite, the editorials are all avoiding expectations and I just want W’s fashion coverage to be all that. You know, fun, fresh, art-inspired, original, forward-thinking, approachable and most importantly, wearable.”

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What do you think about Edward Enninful’s career and his take on racism in Fashion?

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