As the temperature continues to rise and the days stretch well past 8 p.m., many of us are looking forward to trading in our Spring wardrobes for something a little bit more comfortable (and revealing!).

While I am not a shorts kind of girl, when summer hits there is one thing you will find me rocking nearly everyday: dresses!

Dresses come in a myriad of styles, colors, sizes, and are easily dressed up or down to fit the occasion. Need to run errands around town? Throw on a no-fuss summer dress. Attending a cocktail party? Wear a LBD and heels (with a pop of color).

Another reason to rock a dress this summer? They run the price gamut from luxuriously expensive (think: Bloomies), or cheap and chic (think: Tarjay).

So there’s a dress out there to fit everyone’s style and budget. Besides, few things can compliment a woman’s body like a dress (and few things offer as much ventilation as possible on hot summer days! #justsaying).


Last summer I lived in dresses and loved how versatile and comfortable they were. This year will be more of the same. For me, the perfect dress (usually a variation on the wrap) plus a fly pair of sandals is my go-to look for the warmer months.

But what about you ,Clutchettes? What is your favorite look for summer?

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