Lord Glennconner was a multimillionaire aristocrat who transformed the West Indian island of Mustique into a haven for other rich White folks. He was cared for by loyal manservant Kent Adonai, who waited on him hand and foot for thirty years. It was Adonai who slept at the foot of his employer’s bed and Adonai who tried to revive him after he suffered a fatal heart attack, driving him to the hospital to find that he was already gone.

And it was Adonai who was named the recipient of Lord Glenconner’s estate in his will.

Unsurprisingly, the widow is not pleased. The Daily Mail reports that Lady Anne Glenconner is asking Adonai to “do the right thing” and return part of his inheritance to the family. Lord Glenconner changed his will seven months before he passed away; previously, his heir and grandson Cody, 17, was to receive the bounty. Adonai recieved the beachside home in St Lucia, all of it’s contents and a valley-yes, a valley, overlooking the Carribean. A challenge to the will would be impossible under St Lucian law, but Lady Anne has appealed for the return of items she says belong to her and for Adonai to honor what she believes were his true wishes before becoming too sick to realize what he was doing. She told the Mail “We are hoping Kent will follow what we all knew were my husband’s wishes — namely that Cody would be left his estate in St Lucia.”

Well, that ain’t what the will says. Meanwhile, Adonai (who sported a fetching dead homie shirt bearing his boss’s pic) has cleared the beach home and is planning an estate sale at an auctioneer house. This man, who Lady Anne claims to be illiterate, btw, slept at the foot of his boss’ bed since he was 17 years old. He was not an assistant or a housekeeper, he was a manservant. He earned every penny of his new fortune and I hope that he does not return anything, short of Lady Anne’s personal effects. Take your hairbrushes and move it along, ma’am.

What say you, Clutchettes?

Source (via Sandra Rose)

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