Capture this summer’s moments while sporting a Hollywood smile. We all long for bright white teeth, so why not have them? Check out our favorite teeth whitening products that will give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

Crest 3D White Strips
Looking for instant teeth whitening, try Crest’s 3D white strips, which guarantee a whiter smile in 2 hours. Apply strips on your upper and lower rows of teeth, and leave on for 2 hours. One 2-hour application results in three months of whiter teeth. Each box comes with 4 sets, leaving you with a year of brighter smiles. Not to mention, Crest uses Advanced Seal technology that ensures strips stay on your teeth for the full two hours without slipping and sliding.

Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips
Winner of Allure Magazine’s 2007 Editor’s Choice Award, Listerine’s Quick Dissolving Strips double as a whitening agent while killing bad breath and germs. Expect whiter teeth after only two weeks of use. The best thing about this product is that it dissolves on your teeth in less than ten minutes. There is no strip to remove after use. Listerine’s whitening strips are ideal for those who have sensitive teeth.

Go Smile’s Smile Whitening System
If you don’t like the idea of applying strips to your teeth, try Go Smile’s Smile Whitening System. Use twice a day after brushing. After a week of use, you will see significant results. Go Smile’s product is very easy to use. Just flip, pop, and whiten in the morning and at night to achieve sparkling head-turning teeth.

Paula’s Choice Brighten Up
Paula’s Choice 2-minute teeth whitener is easy to use, and instantly improves your smile. If you drink coffee or fall victim to red wine and berry stains on your teeth, then this lip balm-like whitening agent is ideal. Paula’s Choice Brighten Up eliminates common stains and germs from your mouth, resulting in an overall improvement in oral hygiene. It’s also portable and fragrance-free.

Colgate Pro Clinical White
If strips and whitening tubes are not your thing, then try Colgate’s Pro Clinical White toothpaste. You will see results, after only one tube. It comes in paste and gel form, and prevents and polishes away surface stains on your teeth.

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