Most fashion designers hail from swanky cities such as New York or Los Angeles. Even more are internationally-bred. Not so for the brain behind popular t-shirt line, Fly Republic.

Meet Reggie Robinson, who hails from a quiet town in Louisiana. The Southern gentleman has taken the classic tee and revamped it with a clever spin and his unique, creative flair.

His design philosophy is simple, he says. “Conquer your SHYness…Embrace your FLYness.” Even more impressive is the positive message behind the designs. F.L.Y, an acronym for Faith in God, Love in your heart and believing in Yourself promotes a healthy, confident self-image that Reggie says is missing from today’s contemporary fashion brands. Read on to learn more.

Coco and Crème: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

FLY Republic: I’m a native of Monroe, LA & a recent graduate of Grambling State University, where I received my degree in Marketing. When I’m not working with FLY Republic, I’m usually pursuing the arts through acting.

C+C: What was your inspiration behind Fly Republic and where do you draw inspiration from?

FR: The inspiration behind FLY Republic came from wanting to make a positive impact not only to people’s style, but to uplift their lives in general. I felt that in this era the clothing design culture was lacking three things: freedom, individuality and positivity.

C+C: Describe your designs in four words.

FR: Cool. Sleek. Trendy. FLY!

C+C: With new t-shirt lines emerging every day, what is about this particular line that makes it stand out from others?

FR: Not to take anything away from other t-shirt lines but FLY Republic is not just selling t-shirts. FLY Republic is about self-empowerment. We’re promoting a lifestyle. We really want to inspire people to have faith, love and to believe in themselves rather than the typical commercial lifestyle you would see that promotes fame, money, etc. That’s what separates us.

C+C: What’s next for Fly Republic?

FR: Awesomeness! (laughs) The opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles, California is looming. My younger brother, who is a student at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising) in L.A, oversees all designs for FLY Republic so the ability to implement FLY Republic on the west coast is there. Over the next 5 years, we plan to continue to spread the message “Faith Love Yourself” but on a much broader scale. We realize that when it comes to success, the sky is no longer the limit. Limited faith limited future, unlimited faith unlimited future!

C+C: What type of person wears Fly Republic?

FR: Technically from a business standpoint you have your certain demographics and target markets but FLY Republic is for everyone. It’s worn not only by the fashionistas & fashionistas/os of the world but by those who have faith, love, and believe in themselves.

C+C: What is the best way to accessorize a Fly Republic t-shirt?

FR: There are numerous ways to accessorize one of our t-shirts. You can throw it on with a nice pair of stylish jeans or khakis, one of our exclusive pendants, or even with one of our cardigans. I think my favorite way to accessorize a FLY Republic is rocking it with a lightweight jean jacket with the sleeves slightly adjusted at the elbow.

Follow Fly Republic on Twitter at @TheFLYRepublic or visit the website, IamFR.com, and order your favorite tee today.

What do you think of the tees? Which is your favorite?

-Krystal Franklin

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