As the release date for the Winnie Mandela biopic approaches, the legendary South African activist still isn’t happy about it.

The film, “Winnie,” initially sparked controversy because an American (Jennifer Hudson), not an African actress was cast to play Mandela. The uproar continued when Winnie Mandela herself said she wasn’t consulted or even interviewed for the film.

“I was not consulted,” she told CNN in an interview. “I am still alive, and I think that it is a total disrespect to come to South Africa, make a movie about my struggle, and call that movie some translation of a romantic life of Winnie Mandela.”

Although Mandela is upset the filmmakers neglected to include her in the story of her own life, she doesn’t blame Hudson.

“I have absolutely nothing against Jennifer, but I have everything against the movie itself.”

Do you think it was disrespectful for the filmmakers to make “Winnie” without talking to Mandela herself? Will you see the film when it hits theaters next year?

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  • Shay

    I think it’s extremely disrespectful for them to do a movie about her life and not even ask her about it. Wow. I didn’t think people could do that.

  • rkj

    I can understand why they didn’t get an African actress to play Winnie Mandela. Probably, because the studio wanted to make some money.

    Let’s be real here. How people on the street are clamoring for a movie about Winnie Mandela? A few would be like “sure, I’d check it out”. Most would not or they’d wait on Redbox.
    Having Jennifer Hudson in the role would bring in a few extra people to the theater who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in watching Mandela’s story.

    As for having Hudson & Terence Howard in the first place, that screams to me that the script and production probably isn’t that great to begin with. Yeah, she won an Oscar, but it’s not like she had to stretch too far to get it.

    I think Sophie Okenedo (“Hotel Rwanda”) could have done the role justice.

  • Honestly, Winnie needs to sit down.

    Yes they should have consulted her but they didnt. I think she should be grateful that they are romanticizing her life so everyone does not know the EVILS she committed in her own country, including, but not limited to…. murder, and theft (of tax payer dollars).

    But I mean whatever….

  • African Mami

    Of course it was disrespectful….to even cast somebody who cannot act to save their life is even more disrespect. I have said from the jump I did not like J-Hud, portraying Winnie’s life, she is a phenomenal singer but a terrible actress. I would have loved to see an actress straight from the motherland getting this role! Oh well, I don’t know whether it’s out or not, but I sure as hell from watching the trailer want nothing of the actual movie.