From Vibe Vixen — Admittedly, I like Amber Rose. But I liked her much more when she played the role of being seen and not heard. Rose is a beautiful woman with an insanely stacked body. In the past six months or so, Rose has gotten a little ahead of herself with her “diarrhea of the mouth,” crying wolf because of the monstrous media while attempting to work her 15 minutes of fame into an actual career. Yawn…

Ms. Rose, with all due respect, here’s 10 reasons why you need to have a seat:

10. Rose is a former stripper turned video model turned Kanye’s girlfriend, now Wiz Kahlifa’s wifey. Insert her relevancy where?

9. Kanye’s former blonde-baldy landed a modeling contract with Ford Modeling Agency that she managed to get dropped from a year later. Of course, she denies being dropped from the agency.

8. Everyone has been or has had that rebound chick or dude. Rose admitted to VIBE she and Reggie Bush briefly dated one another as each other’s rebound. Which leads me to number seven…

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