From The Grio — There should come a point in a politician’s career when they learn to abandon knee jerk reactions in order to make more credible statements that might actually advance their causes.

Unfortunately, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has yet to reach such a political epiphany. The Houstonian took to the House floor on Friday and openly opined on what she thinks is the main culprit behind largely Republican obstruction in the debt ceiling debate.

The congresswoman said, “I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president — only this one, only this one — has received the kind of attacks and disagreement and inability to work, only this one.” She asked that her colleagues “read between the lines.”

Not that they needed to, given she did so for them.

“Why is he different?” She asked before adding, “and in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully?”

She also highlighted Sen. McConnell’s (R-KY) comments that his job is to bring President Obama down in the next election.

Jackson Lee’s declaration that race is to blame for President Obama experiencing unmatched levels of political opposition is a notion many cling to. Strength in numbers may help spread such a belief, though that doesn’t necessarily lend credence to it. Jackson Lee and others with this opinion seem to have formed it via revisionist history, paranoia, and a dash of dramatics.

I do not completely discount the role race has played in President Obama’s career.

It’s evident in how a band of intellectually deficient conspiracy theorists successfully distracted news cycles from more pressing matters with their ridiculous claims that Barack Obama isn’t aU.S. citizen. If one ever needs to poke holes at the fairytale that is “post-racial America,” they needn’t look any further than that non-story.

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  • Nikki

    For one, The Race Card does exist and it is used exclusively by white people.

    Secondly, oppressed peoples should not be bullied by oppressors into not speaking their opinion. Much like the a-hole Bill O’Reilly who tells everyone who doesn’t agree with his view to “shut up,” ignorant people will always try bully people to avoid rationality. ImJustSaying

    Finally, If black people don’t continue to name the problem–racism–which exists, a majority white people will never critique the system that keeps them insulated and privileged.

    These attacks on Obama hurt everyone, not just blacks. I’m not a fan of Obama or the Democrats, but I cannot stand the Republican’s blatant use of racist euphemisms.

    • EmpressDivine

      EVERYTHING you said was on point!!!

    • fuchsia

      I agree.

  • Red

    I’ve seen too many racist attacks on Obama to say that we blame race too quickly. Like all the ape drawings, the “Black Power” “parody” (like black people in power is something to fear), and the fact that so many of Obama’s detractors are racist or are on racist platforms (or both). Especially for all that natter on how this is a post-racial society (that some people do believe).

    Also I find it funny that so many people here are saying that Obama was elected because of “the race card” (never mind that Black people vote Democrat 95% of the time and there was major disillusionment with the Republican Party, so much that there is a third party springing up). And yes, I did put scare quotes around “the race card,” because you can’t discuss race without someone thinking that none or almost none of the very wide disparity between black and white households with regards to employment, income, education, environment, medical care, etc. can be attributed to race. I hate the term “the race card” because you can’t talk about race almost anywhere without people using that term and being dismissive.

    • Red

      Also pro-tip, we can talk about the basically dire conditions facing black people without a whole bunch of people butting in saying it’s not like that for them. We know. Stop acting like talking about these situations is removing your agency.

      If white people act like no black people have agency because they’re black and that the fastest way to a political ticket is pretending to care, it’s because they’re racist. Not because some black people are trying to raise awareness about how dire quality of life is for a great deal of black people.

    • JustSaying…


      Perhaps you and the rest of the Democrats here can riddle me this one:

      Why is it that black people are falling further and further behind today with the forces they want in power (Democrats) in places such as Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, D.C. and Newark (all cities with major black populations)?

      Why haven’t you and others stopped to recognize this reality? The people that you’ve been advocating ARE THERE in these major “black” cities yet the economy, school system, quality of life for blacks is at an all time low. Why?

      I know the answer…I’m just waiting for you and the others to see it.

    • Red

      I think you’re mistaken, because I’m not a Democrat.

      I think that the Democrat party isn’t too far left enough and what should be a focus on social policies comes second or third to being liked and not demonized.

      You don’t have to be a Democrat to realize that people are racist against Obama.

      Also, I certainly don’t conflate Democrat with anti-racism. I think that people vote for Democrat because the promise of that is better than the straight up racism of the Tea Party and Republican Party. And the anti-socialism of both parties.

    • Red

      Also, with that, how come in counties with a heavy black presence that have been Republican also fall behind? Like Houston, for the longest time Dallas, Memphis, etc.

      The problems with Detroit and Oakland go a lot farther than the last political regime.

    • JustSaying…


      You might want to do some more research. Memphis is Democrat and has been off and on for some time…especially with white flight.

      I think the same is true for Houston and even Dallas.

      Even still NONE of those cities has a large black voting population like those I listed and none of them is constantly Republican like those I listed are constantly Democrat (and have been Democratic for DECADES).

      You are comparing apples to oranges. Black people have the forces THEY WANT in power and are still falling behind. I’m still waiting for an answer.

      I bet if you compare the white population in Chicago (who are more than likely heavily Republican) to that of the black population (who are more than likely OVERWHELMINGLY Democrat, the party that has ruled the city for decades) you will see a DIFFERENCE in quality of life. Again black people have the forces they WANT in office…why no progress???

  • Red

    Lol I lived in Dallas and it was Republican until 2004. Houston as well. The outside suburbs, mostly White, control a lot of the votes there. Memphis wasn’t Democrat until the 80s.

    As I said, the problems holding Black people back are more than just political regime to political regime…as soon as 1996 there were still extensive problems across the country. The income disparity is ridiculous, the unemployment disparity, the education disparity. From your replies here, you’re implying that Republicans hold some secret to higher quality of life.

    And it’s not hard to realize why those cities don’t do well. There’s little business there and there’s little incentive to move there. With a failing American auto industry, Detroit is wrecked, there’s no incentive for well-off people to establish there, and the few people there can’t move anywhere else. As I said, it’s more than failing political regimes.

    • JustSaying…

      “From your replies here, you’re implying that Republicans hold some secret to higher quality of life.”

      Actually I’m not implying anything…I stated it: Black people have the forces they want in power (The Democrats) yet they are still failing miserably. You see people like this congresswoman like to say it’s oppression holding us back (I think you stated as much too) when in reality BLACK PEOPLE HAVE THE PEOPLE THEY WANT IN OFFICE AND ARE STILL FAILING!

      Surely it’s time to look beyond politics because this isn’t the central issue with black people.

      The root of black America’s problems can all be traced back to the nuclear family, and this falls squarely on the shoulders of black folks. Nothing to do with race and everything to do with us. Why isn’t this congresswoman getting heated about this fact?

  • justsaying_it

    It usually is about race, because white men are not going to take orders, or have a black man telling them what to do. Obama is not screaming racism, it’s other people. I am noticing white people using the racism reverse psychology(by saying black people are racist). I think people are screaming racism is Obamas defense, but it is getting played out. I just hope his wife and kids aren’t getting disrespected by idiots. People need to learn another way of dealing with racist people (than calling them racist).

  • Pema

    Yes, people are too quick to blame Obama criticism on racism. It’s an intellectually lazy, knee-jerk reaction. As far as I’m concerned, Obama has done a piss-poor job but so did George W Bush (and the left HATED him). Is some of the criticism racially tinged? Sure, but there’s plenty of stuff to criticize the man for without factoring in race. From the outset the stimulus package was a terrible idea (now numbers are coming out saying we lost $14B in the Chrysler stimulus alone).

    Obama wanted the job; he got the job. Now he needs to do the job in spite of obstacles. The man is a millionaire, as long as these racists don’t get violent I’m not losing any sleep over it. He’s going to be okay. However, I am losing sleep over this terrible economy and the future of the United States. This is real life, the big leagues, and guess what there are racists and people who just will not like you.

    At the end of the day I am sick of all the idiots on Capital Hill (Republicans, Democrats, etc.). This budget fight is a complete debacle.

    If the Republicans can produce a VIABLE (no, not Michelle Bachman) to run against Obama I would vote for him/her in a heartbeat.