F*ck Esquire Magazine as a staff, a record label and a motherf*cking crew for this:

LOL! Get it? He was accused of forcing a woman to suck his dick (also known as rape…“rape rape”, if you are unclear on this one, Whoopi), so that’s probably not as good a blowjob as the one you get when you ask nicely, am I right? Unless, of course, you are a rapist and enjoy forced sex (allegedly).

This classy Tweet (smartly captured by Jezebel’s Irin and retweeted) was posted today, just after the release of the issue of Newsweek featuring the first interview with Nafissatou Diallo, the accuser in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. The uncomfortable article (in which the interviewers use…uncomfortable language to describe the woman and her behavior) is available here and is little more than a continuation of the “guilty until proven raped” narrative that has surrounded the maid since the DA’s office seemed to lose confidence in the case.

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  • People have no empathy .It’s disgusting.Esquire really showed their ass.

  • clnmike

    Poor woman, welcome to the American justice system were those with money slant the tables against those who dont. Her background is shady but that doesnt mean she wasnt raped. No words for Esquire.

  • Honey

    I’m glad I never bought a mother f*ucking esquire magazine! I will not

  • BOB

    America has a bull shit justice system, if you know how to play it right , you will win. Its like a game. Usually the media tends to go the rapist is guilty untill proven innocent route. I am digusted when anyone puts the guilty label on anyone before knowing that they are 100% sure

  • Mimi

    Not only am I disgusted by the tweet, I’m also disgusted by people retweeting it thinking it’s funny/cute. The only way this should be retweeted is in anger and to let the masses know how disgusting Esquire magazine is. I’m surprised this hasn’t received more press.