Amy Winehouse’s passing has shaken the music world upside down. As fans and artists poured in their condolences, Winehouse’s family and friends gathered in London at an intimate funeral.

Though her father says that Winehouse was ‘happy and sober’ in her final days, her drug tied past has been assumed by many to be the cause of her death.

While many artists have expressed their sadness at Winehouse’s passing, Keri Hilson had a unique way of showing her sympathy. The R&B singer has been taken to task by fans who claim she made an insensitive tweet. The singer twitpic-ed a photo with an Amy Winehouse impersonator and tweeted this message:

“Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance)”

After the expected backlash, Keri then tweeted:

“Come on, I mean no harm,” she wrote back. “All due respect. But really the resemblance freaked me out. This was simply the best tribute ever #RIPAMYWINEHOUSE.”

“I apologize 2 anyone who might’ve taken it the wrong way. As a fan, I thought it was cool that she dressed up to honor Amy. I had no ill intent, but I understand how it appears insensitive… my bad twitterville.”

Keri’s shenanigans aside, many fans have been pouring out their love by buying the music of the soultress they loved. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Selling 37,000 copies in the two days following her death, 95% (36,000) of those albums sold were digital. Additionally, digital track sales for the artist spiked 2,000% over the last week, with 111,000 tracks downloaded. Earning the most clicks with 34,000 was her smash hit “Rehab,” which seems to take on a whole new meaning following the 27-year olds tragic death.

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  • Demi

    Typical modern day “mourning,” all those who watched and quietly prodded her unhealthy lifestyle now profit even more after her ultimate demise. Consumerism at its finest. I’m disgusted. I will continue to mourn quietly and frugally, enjoying the 2 albums I bought years ago.

    Oh, and death to twitter. Nothing good comes of spewing random, knee-jerk thoughts.

    • O’Phylia


    • Gigi Young

      Add her alleged BFFs to the mix (Kelly Osbourne…SMDH).

  • Adrian

    “The R&B singer has been taken to task by fans who claim she made an incentive tweet.” Don’t you mean an insensitive tweet?

  • Wow, that IS an uncanny resemblance. While I don’t know if I would have tweeted the same thing in her situation, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about – I don’t think she had any ill intentions in mind.


  • Kit

    The woman in the photo looks more like Alicia Keyes than Amy Winehouse; I don’t see the resemblance!

    I remember seeing her in Camden a few years back and predicting she would not live very long, looked like she was already dead. She was clearly going through terrible substance misuse issuesand possibly mental health problems and was just left to rot.

    Why are white celebrities like Winehouse and Kate Moss allowed to do drugs and stil be celebrated and not be vilified for their actinos. If she had been black, she probably would have been in prison now and maybe alive and on a rehabilitation programme.. alive and well.

    I say, once they act recklessly, taking drugs, they should never be glorified for their “work”… well not as long as they are still clearly unwell, abusing substances. It sets such a bad example for young people.

    • Jinx Moneypenny

      Have you read any of the hateful comments people have made about her on most sites? Trust me, she’s being vilified also.

    • Kit

      To be honest, I don’t read much celebrity news, but most of the people I know seem sympathetic.
      I just think maybe if people had more actively expressed their opposition to her very public drug-taking problems, rather than give her a Grammy, she might still be alive today.