King B took her talents to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for her latest promotional stop to plug her new album, “4.” While there, the singer discussed what inspired her new sound, her break from the business, and her Destiny’s Child bestie, Kelly Rowland.

When Fallon whipped out a picture of Bey, Kelly, and Michelle Williams from Kelly Rowland’s album release party, Beyonce gushed about Kelly’s new album calling it “amazing” and telling everyone they need to “go out and buy it.”

Hmm, even Beyonce wants Kelly to win! 

Check out Beyonce performing “Best I Never Had” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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  • whilome

    Gotta agree. Kelly Rowland’s new album is the shiznit. I listen to it end to end when I’m on a run or at the gym. I strut so hard cuz she makes me feel like a badass sista. Seriously. It’s silly how cute I feel listening to it.

  • lola289

    GTFOH B :P

    • lola289

      Beyonce still stinks regardless..

  • lurkerg

    gurgling and phlegm throughout. she was sick wasnt she.

    sucks to be you A+ lyrics. :|

  • Jess

    KING B? Huh???

  • starr

    Like Bey was going to say it was bad.