From Uptown — Barring the odious pout-face mug of Benjamin Jealous circulating about various Internet news wires, the NAACP President makes a solid point: where are the black faces in prime-time cable slots?  For folks of a paler persuasion who’d like to play stupid, it doesn’t mean minstrel sandboxing on reality shows or stereotype-casting token Black BFFs as racial guilt therapists on low rate sitcoms.  And no: don’t tell us to stop whining and put pressure on BET or TV One since many of you would then knock us for self-segregation and “reverse racism.”

To Jealous’ credit, he attempts a knick at the Atlanta-based jugular, blasting CNN  as “trusted” as it is  for convenient omission of color from its prime evening line-up.

Clearly, CNN lacks not in programming space.  Political dapper John-on-New-York-state-petty-cash hypocrite Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former Governor, was just cut loose for dismal ratings on “In the Arena.” So, what’s up with that? The bandwidth is certainly there, but the willingness to do the obvious is not.


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