It’s hard not to love Mary J. Blige. The Grammy winning artist has given us classics that have taken us from breakups to comebacks and has remained true to herself since she came on the scene back in the early 90s. A singer filled with passion and the embodiment of soul, Mary is truly a legend in her time.

This weekend, Mary stepped on stage to accept yet another award but this time for the impact she has made through her philanthropic efforts with her organization, FAWN. FAWN (For The Advancement of Women) is a charity organization that works to assist underprivileged women in the United States.

Accepting the award at the McDonald’s sponsored Black 365 Awards during Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Mary thanked FAWN Brand Manager and Carol’s Daughter CEOP Steve Stoute for his support. In her speech, she thanked him for drawing out her inspiration:

“We’re doing amazing things. We are here for FAWN today. We’re being honored by McDonalds because of our work with philanthropy. FAWN was just a baby, it was born just two years ago. And Steve came to me and said ‘what are you most passionate about?’ and the very first thing that jumped out of my mouth was saving the lives of women. “

Mary also thanked the evening’s other honorees including NACCP CEO Ben Jealous, Radio One’s Cathy Hughes and actress Ruby Dee, saying:

“I am so humbled and so honored, I don’t have words to express how appreciative I am to be in a room full of entrepreneurs.”


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