Full makeup to work everyday: who would have thought that would be a requirement?

Earlier this month, The Guardian reported on a story about a 24 year-old woman working at Harrods who was forced to quit her job because she did not wear a full face of make-up to work.

For four years, the young employee, Melanie Stark, worked at Harrods with out wearing any make-up. Despite her lack of face, her superiors described her as one of the hardest working employees to date. However, their sentiments changed as a new rule was introduced.

“Full makeup at all time: base, blusher, full eyes (not too heavy), lipstick, lip liner and gloss are worn at all time and maintained discreetly (please take into account the store display lighting which has a ‘washing out’ effect).”

Melanie refused to abide by such rules. She enjoyed her natural face without make-up, and had no intentions of altering her looks for anyone. Her managers offered her makeup products and classes, but Melanie would not budge. She was sent home on several occasions, and on some days she was asked to work in the stock room, in order to prevent her from being seen by customers. Eventually, the toll of the new rule became too much for Melanie to bear, so she quit.

While I am someone who wouldn’t dare head to work without a little concealer, mascara, eyeliner and gloss, I have no problem with a woman who chooses not to wear make-up. As long as you look presentable and get the job done, I have no qualms.

What do you think? Is it right for a company to require you to wear make-up to work?

-Chelsey Wilkins

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  • Blanche R. Jackson

    Has it come to this? Make-up? I find it insulting that her quality of hard work for 4 years was marred simply because she refused to wear make-up! Our society is so hell bent on “looks”. Some women come under fire because they choose to sport what God gave them…their natural hair and their natural skin/face. Standard of beauty shouldn’t be judged by outside appearances because if your personality shines through then your “looks” take a back seat.

    I think it was unfair to her when she was approached to do so. But I would say that it would’ve been fair if during her hiring process 4 years ago that she agreed to wear a full line of make-up by signing a written contract then refusing to comply. But on the terms that was presented to us, I not only think it was unfair, I also think it was absurd!

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