It’s become more acceptable to completely reinvent your face and body in today’s culture, especially if you are in the public eye. With the increasing prominence of the “big booty,” in mainstream society, men and women of all races have become fixated with the small waist to hip ratio that Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce proudly flaunted in the early 2000s. And women are coming up with creative ways to manipulate their body type to attain that figure.

Though the obsession with a big butt is nothing new in communities of color, recently women of other ethnicities like Coco, for example, have furthered its popularity making a round rump the ideal figure to emulate among women everywhere.

As with any desired body type, plastic surgery to achieve the look has increased in popularity. But in addition to the fact that most plastic surgery butt jobs look fake, they’re also dangerous. Several deaths have been reported where women lost their lives in pursuit of a bigger butt. An example is Claudia Adertomi, the 20 year-old who died in Philly earlier this year while getting illegal butt implants because she believed a bigger butt would help further her video modeling career.

Most women turn up their nose at the idea of these women going under the knife to add some curves to their frames. But there are several other ways that everyday women are changing their shape to garner attention from the booty craze. Here are a few:

Booty Cream

“Herbal” creams like Booty Jelly and Brazilian Miracle Butt Enhancement Cream promise to create a fuller derriere at an affordable price yet the products rarely work and mostly just exploit women seeking curves by taking their money without guaranteeing desired results.

Butt Injections

Not as invasive as plastic surgery but no less dangerous, silicone injections have emerged as a popular way for women to get plumper rear ends. The risky procedure has resulted in the death of several women from silicone entering their bloodstream.


The good old-fashioned exercise technique has experienced a resurgence with workout DVDs, books and classes dedicated to not only achieving firmer but fuller and bigger butts.

Butt Pads

Established retailers like Fredericks of Hollywood are producing shapewear complete with butt pads that create the illusion of a voluptuous frame. Though the results are temporary and not always realistic-looking, butt pads are becoming increasingly popular.

At what expense would you distort “what your mama gave ya” to fit into society’s new body image trend? Do you judge women who get plastic surgery for a bigger butt while engaging in one of the above alternative butt-enhancing procedures?

-Tunisia Z. Wilson

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