For fans who just can’t get enough of Jill Scott, this year is shaping up to be a great one. Lovers of the soultress are getting more music from Scott after the drop of her latest hit “Light of the Sun.” As it turns out Jill’s former label, Hidden Beach, will be releasing a collection of previously unreleased songs from Scott.

Soulbounce reports:

Whatever has gone on behind the scenes is anyone’s guess, but it looks like all the details have been ironed out and the slightly re-titled The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol.1 will be released on August 30th. As previously reported, there will be two versions of the release, the standard will include 11 previously unheard Jilly gems and the deluxe will include two bonus live tracks, a 20 page booklet with lyrics and liner notes, and shiny foil packaging (looks like the “full videography” has been removed). In addition, each version will have slightly different album artwork. You can still sample the tracks from From The Vault here then hit the bounce to get the full tracklist on the release.

No word on if Jill is down with the project’s release. The singer, now at Warner Brothers Records, said in earlier interviews this year that she would not be releasing two albums, only one.

Thanks to Soulbounce for the tracklisting below:

Standard Version

1. I Don’t Know (Carvin Haggins & Ivan Barias)
2. Wondering Why (Anthony Bell)
3. The Light (Dre & Vidal)
4. Wake Up Baby (Ronald “PNUT” Frost)
5. Lovely Day (Jazzy Jeff)
6. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Record Industry (Ronald “PNUT” Frost)
7. Love To Love (Alric & Boyd)
8. Running Away (Adam Blackstone, George “Spanky” McCurdy, Eric Wortham)
9. I’m Prettier (Pete Kuzma)
10. Comes To Light (Everything) (Ronald “PNUT” Frost)
11. Holding On (Adam Blackstone, George “Spanky” McCurdy, Eric Wortham)

Deluxe Version Extras

1. And I Heard (Do You Understand?) – Live at the House of Blues
2. North Side Philly Love – Live at the Hidden Beach Launch Party
3. 20-page booklet including lyrics and detailed liner notes

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  • JerseyBred323

    I will cop this too.

  • C in Cleveland

    Me too and tickets to her 8/3/11 show in Cleveland

  • Leonie UK

    I love Hidden Beach, I thank them for Kindred, Bebe and many others. But on this I will not support them at all. To put out an album of Jill’s hard work when she’s not on your label, and so close to her new release with another label is shameless. Unless I know that Jill will be getting all the profits and totally stands by the release, not a penny will be spent.

    • MarloweOverShakespeare

      I believe this is where illegal downloading comes in very handy.

      I ADORE my big sister in my head and her art. I can’t get enough of her. Everything she writes and records seems to be nothing less of, beauty.

      If Jill’s not making my money for her art to support herself and her family, then neither should Hidden Beach Records.

  • I’ll def be picking this up along with tickets to her her NJ concert!

  • Brittany


    Hidden beach has released a track on iTunes which has all of these songs MIXED INTO ONE track, and, as usual Jilly from Philly style, the mixed track highlights that these songs are nothing but amazing. There might be some legal toss up between Hidden Beach and Jill BUT, I am definitely not going to miss out on any of her music!