Treating your feet well means more than your weekly appointment to the nail salon. And even taking a break from your favorite pair of sky-high heels isn’t the only way to give your feet a much needed breather.

It’s crucial we give our feet the proper attention. Besides, it’s summer and nothing is worse than hitting the beach in cute, strappy sandals accompanied by dead skin and cracked heels, or worse – hiding under thick socks and tennis shoes.

With the promise of fun this summer, try these solutions to get your feet in tip-top shape:

Stay Dry

Keeping your feet dry during warm months isn’t impossible. To prevent odor and slick soles (which can cause blisters), coat the bottom of your feet with an antiperspirant either at night or in the morning.


Even in flats the burden of heel pain and cramps may arise. Carve out a time for a foot massage. Not only is it relaxing, but a deep tissue massage will help relieve cramps, knotting and tightness.


Foot and ankle pain usually occur due to the lack of coordination and strength in the feet. Simple exercises like gripping a towel with your toes and releasing or rolling your feet on a tennis ball can soothe the pain you may have in your arches.


Puffiness or swelling is the norm when pounding the pavement everyday. Soaks, creams and scrubs leave you feeling luxurious, while the right ingredients moisturize and exfoliate, creating healthy-looking feet.

What other tricks or tips have you used to keep your feet sandal-ready?

-Krystal Franklin

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