With Wiki-leaks avenger hackers on the loose attacking everyone from FOX to the CIA, it’s easy to see why any major website spouting out questionable information could be seen as “hacked.” Indeed, that’s what happened to PBS last month when, hacktivist group, Lulzsec, managed to get their hands on the organization’s administrative information and publish a report that claimed both Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G were still alive in and living on a New Zealand resort.

However, for the Obama campaign, “hacked” isn’t the word. The campaign is responding to a report that their website sent out emails inviting supporters to a non-existent event to support “Commy Obama.”

According to The Washington Examiner, who first reported the story:

The Obama campaign website was hacked on Tuesday and invited supporters to two fake anti-government events hosted by an unnamed “Commy Obama.”

The campaign’s application for mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, directed users to two events titled “Rules of Politics” scheduled for noon on Tuesday in Washington.

“1. Politicians and other public servants lie,” read the event description provided on the Obama campaign website. (Full screenshot here.) “2. Politicians tell you what you want to hear and offer to provide things for ‘free’ to get votes. 3. When government buys, the people pay.”

Responding immediately to media reports claiming the campaign site had been hacked, Obama 2012 spokesman Ben LaBolt refuted the term, saying:

“The site was not hacked. These are user generated sites for supporters – we monitor them for inappropriate content but aren’t able to catch everything right away.”

The clarification is important as the Obama campaign is looking to ease the concerns of potential online donors. So far, the fundraising efforts for the President’s reelection prospects have been fruitful, with over 450,000 people giving to the campaign at the end of June. Though Obama’s camp had set a goal of 400,000 individual donors and $60 million dollars, only the number of donors, not dollars have been released since the end of last month.

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